Staying in touch with your unit
has never been easier!

Are you a UnitWise member?

MyUnitBuzz is a complimentary communication app that offers UnitWise members a new and innovative way to connect with their unit, and easily share exciting news and event details.

  • Send customized group messages with documents, images, or videos
  • Update all of your social media profiles from one place
  • Manage events, send invites, and keep track of RSVPs
  • Post your unit goals, and keep everyone on the same page

Why Use MyUnitBuzz?

MyUnitBuzz has tons of innovative features to simplify managing and keeping track of your unit. Use MyUnitBuzz to send group messages, remind your unit about upcoming events, assign goals, track their progress, and more.

Innovative Features

MyUnitBuzz is an all-in-one solution that makes managing your business simple with tons of incredible features to help you successfully keep in touch with your directors, consultants/team members anytime, anywhere.


Free for all UnitWise Directors, NSDs, and their unit members.

The MyUnitBuzz app is free for all UnitWise Directors, NSDs, and their unit members. Not a member of the UnitWise family? Directors, you can download MyUnitBuzz for a monthly fee of $2.95, and your entire unit gets it for free!
There are no obligations, contracts, or additional fees.


Do you have to be a UnitWise member to enjoy all of the features of the MyUnitBuzz app?

This app was designed as a complimentary add-on feature for our UnitWise members. It was created to help you easily manage your unit and to improve communication.

This is such a great app, there has to be a catch, right?

Nope! There is absolutely no catch with the MyUnitBuzz app. We wanted our UnitWise users to have a better way to communicate with their unit members. That’s why we made it FREE UnitWise members use. Not a UnitWise Member? Access MyUnitBuzz for a monthly fee of $2.95. Your unit members will access the app for free.

Does it cost anything to use the MyUnitBuzz app?

MyUnitBuzz is a complimentary app and free of cost for UnitWise packages alone. Non UnitWise directors can download MyUnitBuzz for free and access its innovative features for $2.95 a month.

What makes MyUnitBuzz so unique?

MyUnitBuzz offers world-class support and freedom. It syncs to your UnitWise account, giving you the power and mobility to stay connected anywhere you are, at any time to improve communication with your unit.

Is MyUnitBuzz easy to use?

We designed MyUnitBuzz with all of the time-saving features to make managing your unit and your business easier. When you use MyUnitBuzz, you’ll still have access to our same top-notch support. Anytime you need assistance, we’ll be here to lend a hand.

What are the advantages/benefits of using this app?

MyUnitBuzz is designed to help you communicate better with your unit members. From syncing to your UnitWise account, sending group messages, inviting people and sharing pictures, MyUnitBuzz can do it all.

Get The App

Stay connected with MyUnitBuzz, the latest complimentary app powered by UnitWise. Download MyUnitBuzz and start communicating better with your unit today.

MyUnitBuzz is free for all UnitWise members to effectively communicate with their unit members.
Download MyUnitBuzz for your iOS or Android device

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